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About Me

Born and raised in Singapore. Adrienne B Wong loves the performing arts. During her moments as a ballroom dancer, she came to learn about makeup and that was where she fell in love with stage makeup. Her dreams manifested to be an  All- rounded makeup artist.  Having a cheerful and bubbly sort of personality and is well-loved by her peers, colleagues, and clients. She has a strong passion for learning and is always eager for new challenges. Her skills will bring a smile to people's faces and the best quality of makeup skills. She loves meeting and working with different people as a makeup artist. She strongly believed if one is willing to pursue a dream, eventually, dreams will turn to reality.

Graduated from Cosmoprof Academy of Singapore. whilst in Singapore she has done numerous major events such as the  Singapore 50th national day and the  2015 South East Asian Games, Chingay, And Child Aids events, just to mention a few. In 2016, she graduated from Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, she is a certified Makeup artist who does Glamour beauty makeup and occasionally Bodypainting. ​

For Her recent works, she has been involved with numerous  productions  who do for Government advertising Commercials and events  

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