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Underwater photography collaboration

Photo/ Art D: Mark Skater Model: Stelliana R Siswanto Makeup Artist: Adrienne B Wong

Camera used : GoPro camera

Today underwater shoot has really enlighten me not only just the makeup applications but also other factor such as, lighting, angles, emotion expression. Thank you Mark skater for allowing me to experiment with go pro camera in order to understand how challenging it is just to do the shoot.

Honestly it was my first time doing underwater shoot so I have no idea what are the challenges that awaits me, except to use strictly waterproof cosmetic. And making sure, the color pigment is strong enough when the model submerged into the water. when it came to Handling the GoPro camera, I felt like a curious kid, longing to maneuver and explore the unexpected. It was only when I started, driving down into the water, that's where the challenge occurred. I guessed it's due to my heavy body mass that didn't allow me to sink right at the bottom for a longer period, additional fact the pool wasn't deep enough either. But the shoot turned out to be a bomb.

|| Observations||

1. Definitely you need to be comfortable and learn how to breathe underwater for that short period of time. I was lucky since it only a pool, despite the fact it has chlorine which irritated the eyes, especially if you are wearing contact lens. It really hard to keep our eyes open without any irritation.

2. The lighting in land and water is so different. The makeup I did on her was intense during close up, but when it comes to underwater, the makeup was a little washed out. I will have to double the amount of the pigment in order for it to be seen under water. [Yes I was in the pool with my non water proof Olympus OM-D E-M10III. I was extremely careful,trying not to get my camera wet. But you need to do whatever It takes to get good composition and angles... A RISK! BUT ITS ALL WORTH IT]

Picture taken by me

Camera used : Olympus OM-D E-M10III

3. Composition and Angles will follow right behind lighting. while both model and I drive under, Due to gravity, the model's hair to get in the way. It took me a while to figure out how gravity works before further planning. As we are not able to communicate verbally underwater, it took us a couple of shots before we captured that moment. I figured it was difficult to express emotions while exhaling too. [A deeper pool will definitely different impact, the pool was shallow in my opinion]

In the end, we managed to figure it out and have a great time. I always love the process of creating something even though its experimental. The whole focus was not only to create better fashion photography but also to have fun along the way. As a makeup artist, I am so honored and blessed to be able to work with different race and people. I am definitely looking forward to have another go with underwater photography. I love my life as a makeup artist. The challenges are limitless, you have so much to encounter and learn in order to improve and grow . Stepping stone to move higher and bigger dream. Passion never dies even though the journey is exhausting and long. With much perseverance and determination, any dream is possible! just have to believe in yourself and move forward.

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