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clean and dry brush cleaner

My very first electric brush cleaner, given to me by a dear friend. Like always its time to clean my brushes! Honestly if you ask any makeup artist, it is always an hassle to wash your brushes. Honestly it is long process to wash off makeup residue and it takes a period of time to dry as well. Most of the time, I would patiently stand by the sink and spend at least an hour to wash my brushes. The more brushes, I used, the more I have to wash and dry. When I read about this electric brush cleaner, I was thrilled thinking that " Omg this is so awesome, I don't really have to wash my brushes for that long any more. AND IT DRY TOOOO " its a dream come true for me.

so happily I started washing the brushes with this new baby and i am impressed with how clean the brushes are. Thats the plus 1 for me. Now the drying part.... However I wasn't impress with the drying process. apparently with the spreed of the applicator to hold the brush, its spins at a certain speed and as it dry my brushes, i noticed some of my brush bristles spread itself. some of my brushes are really season, as I used them for many years. They have been my baby and even if I wash it, the bristles did not spread itself. So I was disappointed by a little bit.

Overall I feel the product is an awesome invention but I feel washing your brushes by the old fashion way, would help to preserve the longevity of the brush bristles. Long process but its gentle to the brushes.

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