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My adventure in Paris (part 1)

I remembered the first night when I book my first Europe Trip, Paris! The excitement, the enthusiasm finally not to forget the nervousness buried inside me. Truly I was afraid as I never been to Paris or any part of Europe before. The strangest thing was this , wasn't my first time traveling alone, I have been to several countries on my own but traveling to Paris made me Nervous. So much was in my mind back then, the fear or not been able to fit in or what if I am lost? That kind of fears just stuck me. Eventually I calmed my self down and think of the wonderful adventure and experiences that will happen to me. Being positive helps. Many of my families and peers told me I was bold and courageous to travel alone and let alone to a country that their first languages wasn't English. But that didn't really bothered me much, my goal was to just enjoy those experience. Even if I am lost, I am sure I would be able to figure my way out.

Trust me people, a tip from me Don't overthink just enjoy the process AT your own financial means too.

Honestly Traveling to Europe was one of my Expensive travel. Please do some calculation before you fly so you won't over budget your trip. Plan what you want to do and where do you want to go. And be prepare, ITS BETTER TO WALK. It will save you a lot and you will be able to explore the hidden gems in Paris!

First day in Paris

It was 7 am in the morning, when I arrived in Paris. The flight was smooth and pleasant, Thank you. 12 Hours of Flight is really not cool at all. I maybe at the age of 25 but due to the hectic lifestyle of being a Makeup artist, my lower back was sore. Slowly I made my way out of the airport, into the Uber which costed me 179.46 Euro. Yes I am serious but its because during my trip, we got a little lost. Lucky we managed to figure out. But My uber driver was really sweet and friendly despite the language barrel. The girl survived. My hotel is called Chambellan Morgane which is a distant walk toward Arc of Triomphe and champs Elysees district. like a mini explorer, I will taking the lead. The weather was hot ( summer time ). First day of my trip, Paris had stole my heart. I love how vintage every building looks. unlike USA or even SIngapore. The Architectures were so Beautiful and breathe taking. So much Detail were taken into consideration, creating one master piece

Second day in Paris

walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower then slowly to The Louvre, Tuileries Garden. Relaxing walk, no rush from places to places. But I think I am Burnt. It’s really hot . The best view was when I was at the Eiffel Tower in the early morning. There wasn’t Any crowd at all. All of the sudden, you realized you get to enjoy the whole beautiful scene and architecture peacefully. I didn't believed my peers about " there will be a lot of walking" I thought it will be a piece of cake to just walk around and explored. I was wrong, The walk was long and exhausting since it is summer after all. WELL NO PAIN NO GAIN! Adrienne continue to walk....

Third day in Paris

Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral was a dream come true. Since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to visit Notre Dame Cathedral and Paris has so many historical Cathedral.Every one of them were unique on its own. I had some quiet time inside the church. Beside admiring the interiors, i manage to pray a little for my mom. Honestly I wanted my mom to come along so she could have seen the church for herself, but mom is forever busy. brought a little rosery for her so it will blessed her with good health. next time I will drag my mom to travel with me. I managed to shop at Le marais, got some chocolate and a pair of shoes.

Fourth day in Paris

Day 4 relaxing day. Honestly my legs became sore from walking for the past few days, so I have decided to take it easy and just head to the book store.

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