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My first TV Commercial

Empowering Xian Min | President's Challenge 2018

Productions/Director: Splash Productions

Makeup and Hair: Me

Actress and Actor:

.Elizabeth Mok

.Laura Kee

.Chakrit ThongEK

.Michelle Tng


This is my first Tv commercial video in Singapore, makeup and hair are done by me. I am so proud to be part of the team. Finally as a makeup artist, I really feel proud and accomplished. Being a Makeup is really a long tedious journey. Dreams do come true! Especially when hardwork and passion are involved. I am just so grateful that I am seeing some growth in my journey as a makeup artist. Definitely I know this is my dream and passion, no one is going to change my perspectives and no longer I will feel negative about my skills. I am aware this will be a beginning for me and I will do whatever to improve and climb to the top.

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