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Wanna smell of Coffee?


Shopping over at Sephora which is every girls' best friend, I stumbled across this exfoliating Scrub which has Coffee as their main ingredients. That caught my interest for sure! I remembered Clearly while I was surfing the internet, Coffee do help to to exfoliate the skin and smoothed the appearance of stretch marks ( about the stretch marks I was pretty skeptical but still I am willing to try ) So the coffee Scrub by Frank Body , is prefect. There were couple of category of the coffee scrub so I picked up two types.

1. The original coffee Scrub - ( retailing at 25 SGD in sephora )

2. coconut coffee Scrub - ( retailing at 28 SGD in sephora)

While scanning through the ingredients , I loved the fact that it is really made out of natural ingredients.

Beside having the main ingredient which is coffea Robusta seed powder, it also consist of Grape seed oil , coconut oil, JoJoba Beads and Vitamin E. All these, helps to hydrate the skin and provide anti - aging properties. I am surprised upon reading that Grape seed oil helps to fade scars and stretch marks. ( honestly I do have some stretch marks on my thigh area )






After using the coconut coffee scrub, my skin felt so moisturised not to mention I have yet applied any body cream. The coffee Aroma just lingered around your skin which it is so intoxicating to me. True enough, many body scrubs have fragrances in them. But not many claimed to be as moisturising, and some of them do have the layer of essential oil, causing that greasy residue. The absorbance of the product is amazing. I never felt a single exposure of dryness. Definitely a plus for me. For the amount, 200g and the price, IT IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE MONEY. I doubt I used that much for a shower.

PRODUCTS BY FRANK BODY is just too adorable for words!

Beside body scrubs which I am obsessed with, I bought the body cream as well. Its retailing at 32 SGD.

The smell again is divine, its smell like coffee milkshake. I do have to admit one thing, it took me some time to rub the product into my skin. But lucky it didn't leave a tacky feeling so I AM IN LOVE. They packaging is in pretty pastel peach color. I love the name of their products Anti- angry face mist and Anti- drama face mask. Its made me laugh, real bad. Creative, fun and innovative names . I love the products and definitely I will purchased it again.

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