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The Gold and Sliver Touch ( photoshoot)

Coordinator: Me Photographer : @Kentrix Model: @Zoejoey03 (sliver ) and @Shinyikansen (gold)

Hair : @ Deadc9nic

MUAS: me adriennebwong, @Amber.sky_makeupworld, @Pravux ,@Eunicephang and @Deadc9nic

Makeup products: 1. Kryolan Sliver and gold metallic body paint ( 75 SGD)

2. Makeup forever flash Palette

This photoshoot is definitely one of the best. Not only it is my first coordination and its also one of the master piece that I definitely want to do as a Makeup artist. I am very thankful to the team that made this master piece a success. Without them, this wouldn't be possible as this couldn't be done if its a one man show. The application process was pretty messy since all of us were covered in oil base body paint From Kyrolan, plus glitter along with it. Location was an issue. We didn't did this shoot in a studio at all. It was inside a hotel which we had to be discreet about upon the fear of being chased out or even worst, Being fine. Despite all that, all of us definitely had fun and will do it again. The cleaning was a hassle be it for the models or me.

|| Important notes to pay attention ||

- Bodyart/ body Paint is a messy work. There will be a-lot of cleaning to do, I will be very honest about it. I had the models standing on number of trash bags. The cleaning process is longer than the application process. If you manage to book a studio to do the shoot, Please be responsible to clean up right after the mess. As no one will clean your mess and it will look good on you, if you keep the location ( be it is Studio or hotel) CLEAN. You don't want to face any trouble just because you are ambitious and artist.

- Locations. I cannot emphasized enough for this! location is important as you want your models to feel comfortable as technically they are nude or partially nude. Right after the shoot, please allow the models to shower, if you have the time to help them to remove the body paint. it will be great. Once you look after the models , in the mere future, the models would work with you again as they know they are well taken care off.

-Tips and trick. My team and I did not use any glue in order for the glitters to stick onto the models' skin. In fact, that the main reason for me to use an oil base cream body paint. The cream formula is tacky enough for any glitter to stick on. You could use Vaseline ( it is a cheaper options ) but the chances of the glitter moving or lifting, is higher and you would have to spend time retouching. To remove oil base body paint, get a bottle of baby bath foam. Asked your models to massage them onto the skin and rinse it off. Not only it will keep the skin hydrated , the paint would come off easily compared to the makeup wraps.

Other than that , JUST HAVE FUN. Form a team and create something fabulous.

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