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Video is from my Favourite Youtube Guru : Tati (

Do watch the video, all his tips and tricks are shown CLEARLY in the Video!

Thank you Scott Barnes for sharing your skills.

This blog started out because I am really amazed and so captivated by Scott Barnes's makeup skills. And I just feel so strongly that I should share a little thoughts being a makeup artist. I know I am not a celebrity makeup artist or big influencer. Never claim to be one. But I do dream of working for a makeup agency. And it is this video which actually brought back memories to how I was aspired to be a makeup artist and still working as a Makeup artist. I love doing people's Makeup. It always brings me joy when my client look glamorous and they are happy with my services. I strongly believed every lady should be pampered and looked fabulous in makeup. As long you are seated on my chair, I will do my absolute best to Glam you up and allow you to be confident with the makeup look. Every lady deserved a chance to be beautiful and feel beautiful. Model or no Model.

Scott Barnes is the makeup Artist for my gorgeous idol, Jeniffer Lopez. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN A HUGE FAN to both his work and JLO ! Come on it is Scott Barnes. It is hard not to be, HONESTLY. Everyone know the famous "The Glow " look on JLO. It is the signature and classic look for JLO herself. I remembered when I was in my early teens, My favourite song from JLO is |Get Right|, it is still my favourite. I have always admired her makeup, and questioned how is that, her skin is forever glowing in all angles and being this flawless? Her makeup has always been an inspiration for me and I love that glow from within the skin theory. It is a mystery for me and I tried to replicate it but I never seemed to get it right.

Of course when I was studying in USA, I learnt that Scott is the makeup artist for her. Oh boy! I started to have that urge of wanting to learn and master his techniques. But overall he is the true master behind his craft. The number of experiences, he possessed was just above my level. I felt like a small sparrow in the whole flock of birds. Even with my mentors, they were so brilliant in their makeup skills. So refine and precise!T he line work, the blending and that definition, so intensely strong. I remembered vividly that I was intimidated. The best memory was , when I was doing a makeup look on my peers. our mentors would consistently check on our makeup look/skills before giving any constructive feedback. So it was my turn for my admired mentor to check, I stood there quietly yet nervously, awaiting for her feedback... patiently. It took her a couple of minutes to scan through and then she walked away.... I assumed she wanted me to finish the look before she give any feedback. OR SO I THOUGHT. Before i could even lay the brush on my model, my mentor came back to me saying " wait do not touch the makeup" and her next gesture stunned me. for .the . rest. of. my. life. Literally NO JOKE! She returned with a magnifying glass and she looked through it at my model's face. I sweared I froze BIG TIME and was completely flabbergasted. My mind started to swamp with negativity automatically( I have low self esteem back then) in my mind I was thinking, " Am I that bad, my skills must be horrible that why she is using the magnifying glass."

I figured my mentor saw my expression and quickly she assured me that it was nothing bad, she was only trying to figure my flaws in my makeup skill. she explained that she couldn't see any flaws in my makeup skill within the naked eyes so she brought the magnifying glass for double conformation. And indeed true enough, she found my flaws which was , the inner corner of the model's eyes were not fully drawn with eyeliner. Taking the crayon eyeliner, she demonstrated how its should be done. I was so appreciative then that my mentor took so much effort just to identify my errors and imperfections. Every since then, I grew to take note of minor details in every makeup I do.

To me, I strongly believed in constructive and legit feedbacks. Yes I have to admit, there were times, I don't like the idea of being told. But I learnt that, it is good and essential to have them. It is also a learning point and for me to improve on my crafts as a makeup artist. I am grateful for all the mentors who taught me when I was in USA. And those masterclasses I have attended, it is so precious to me. It made me learnt the importance of self worth, being hardworking and the minor details. It is always the minor details that makes a different.

My first makeup look back in 2014

My recent Makeup look in 2019

It only 5 years but I saw myself improved each year and I am consistently learning still. Many asked how did I survived as a makeup artist in singapore. AND here my answer to this.

My work life as a Makeup artist didn't come easy. How I aspired to be a makeup artist it was due to my life as a dancer. I danced when I was in elementary school and back then, my mother didn't think that there was any need to pay for a makeup artist to do my makeup for performance/ competitions. Hence I started playing with makeups and I always do my own makeup. I didn't expect that I would be a makeup artist at all. So finally when my best friend told me, I should try to be a makeup artist so I went to my first makeup school in singapore and eventually I further it in Los Angeles. Honestly I am consistently working, be it is actual production work or collaborations. I am always out there to look for jobs and collaborations. I refined my skills whenever I could and it is a discipline. I emailed for work productions and get rejections numerous times. I seriously lost count to the number of rejections. But this is part of reality, we will face rejections but never ever be battled down by them. I learnt to be really thick in the skin and just continue to pursue my dreams as a makeup artist. I dreamed to be represented by my dream agency in los Angeles one day and I am working really hard for it. you have to work hard in order to get it. I am really thankful to the jobs I did for advertising and people who engaged me for my services. Without my peers and mentors's encouragements, I would never have the motivation and courage to keep on working. I know I want this career and I will work hard for this dream to come true.

I have people telling me I am not up to standard and I have no talent ect. But I try to pay no attention to it . People can comment however and whatever they want but you really have to know your self worth. Don't be discourage by words because they don't know you. you know yourself best. if you know you are not up to standard for example, work it, refine it. keep failing and climb back up on your feet. Tell yourself you can do it and will achieve it no matter how tough it is. No one mentioned it is going to be a smooth sailing journey. But if there is a will, there will always be a way.

-learn to market yourself with your portfolios is crucial

- Have a website, Business Name card to showcase your work and professionalism. ( companies and people will take you seriously )

-if you have social media platform used it for your advantage

-consistently build your portfolios

-networking ( be out there to meet people and approach people for collaborations)

For those who have read this blog, I truly thankful for you to find the time in reading my blog. I will figure out my writing style and definitely I will be as authentic as I could in term of my reviews and feelings. Do give me feedback so I could improve and also enable me to help to all who need some encouragements. I hope this blog would give some inspirations and strength to people who dreamed to be something or somebody and Dreams do come true if you work for it. Never allow someone to determine your self worth. Stay true to yourself and be Happy.

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