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OPHRYS- skincare by science

" working hard to keep your skin fresh and healthy on a daily basis? Never fears Ophrys is here to solve your problematic skin conditions . With the right cleanser, moisturiser and don't forget a sunscreen, it will help to keep your skin healthy and Hydrated "

Ophrys Every Day (SPF 40) I 1.7oz - $38.70 SGD

Ophrys Facial Cleanser I 7.08 oz- $25.80 SGD

Ophrys Calm Skin I 1.77oz -$44.30 SGD

(To purchase : )

Firstly a very warm thank you to BlackboxSg for sending these topical skincare products from Ophrys. The company is from Southern Swiss city of Lugano, in the region of Ticino, close by the border with Italy and was founded by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs who strongly believed in creating a range of skincare products to be used for a range of skin conditions and that includes sun blocks.

Honestly I have naturally dry and sensitive skin. Plus it definitely doesn't help when I love to tan, it aggravates the dryness and dullness to my skin. But that is something I could't give up as I love outdoor activities and going to the beach. Technically I do have to make the effort and time to hydrate my skins. And so I received A sunblock , A facial cleanser and a moisturiser to try on. The first product that I tried on was, the

Ophrys Every Day (SPF 40)

-High UVA/UVB protection that hydrates and moistens normal to post procedure skin

-containing vitamin E


-Paraben and oil free.

Honestly I was skeptical at first as its only SPF 40 and normally How i test my sunscreen is to be under the sun for couple of hours to see if it works. Hence I head down to the Beach wearing my sport attire, in the bright sunny afternoon and I cycled for a good long hours. The sunscreen is a little thick on the consistency and it does have a tint of white cast on my face ( as I am Tan), but after massaging it, the white cast disappear. SO do spend some time massaging it onto the skin. I love that the smell was subtle not too strong. It actually smelled nice. A little on the tacky side, but if you are an outdoor person, you will love it as it does its job of preventing sun burn and leaving your skin hydrated. I swear I didn't burnt despite it was such a hot weather. So for those who stayed indoors ( people who works in office), I would advise to use a little amount and massage it onto the face, remember to rub it down to the neck too. You do want to protect your neck as well.

I give 4 out of 5 for the Ophrys Every Day (SPF 40).

Right after a good workout under the sun, the next product that I tried was

the Ophrys Facial Cleanser.

-cleansing skin and removing impunities be it from dust or makeup

-Vitamin E, soothes and calms skin, helping to reduce inflammation and irritation

I tend to be really particular of cleansers and moisturisers since I have really sensitive skin. I clearly remembered I used the wrong cleanser once and my face went itching red and it was peeling, specially during my early teens. Even till now, I am extra careful with what I use. Being a Makeup artist, I used my face to sell myself. Clients and ladies looked at my face beside my makeup skills hence the conditions of my face is highly important. Once I tried the cleanser, I was having a mix feelings. Nothing bad of course, I just enjoy the texture and I am surprised its not foamy like the rest of the cleanser I used before. I was mostly amazed . It really gentle and there isn't any tightness on the skin or drying sensation. But the only thing I didn't enjoy was the smell. It just didn't smell nice for me and that's my only problem with it

I give 3.5 out of 5 for the Ophrys Facial Cleanser

For the Ophrys Calm Skin Moisturiser

-Soothes and comforts inflamed or irritated skin

-Keeping the skin hydrated and refreshed.

-suitable for sensitive skin

I used it couple of times before I give my final reviews and thoughts. I wanted to allow my skin to absorb the moisture for a couple of times in order to see the results, I used it day and night just like any moisturisers. It was refreshing and light weight despite the creamy texture. Definitely not tacky, I could feel my skin absorbing the product instantly like a sponge and my skin felt smooth and sooth. My makeup went on smoothly and it looked flawless. But again I am not a fan of the smell.

I give 3.5 out of 5 For the Ophrys Calm Skin Moisturiser.

For any informations about Ophrys or their products, do go to their website and check them out.

Thank you for reading

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