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Masterclass with Caudalie

Hi Everyone, I hope it has been a great week or month for everyone. Today's topic will be about my favourite Skincare brand from Caudalie ( a brand that really rescue my superbly dry and sensitive skin) I have been using Caualie's skincare ranges for about a year and I became and am madly in love with this brand. I can never talk enough of Caudalie especially to my friends or clients because it does work for me. Today I was invited to attend Caudalie's masterclass, pretty honoured and thrilled to be in the class. Not only I managed to understand the history of Caudalie brand, I managed to learn the in depth knowledges for the ingredients that Caudalie uses and finally to get to try the Premier Cru Range ( it was out of stock in sephora so I couldn't try it)

A little history of The brand. Caudalie is owned by both Mathilde and her husband Bertrand Thomas. It all began in the south of Bordeaux, in the heart of the vines at Château Smith Haut Lafitte owned by Mathilde's parents. Since young, Mathilde and her family have a strong passion for nature. While they were harvesting at Château Smith Haut Lafitte, they meet up with professor Joseph Vercauteren who is a laboratory director of the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux. And he told them that grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants in the world hence Caudalie is born. The skin care brand caters to all skin types and conditions from Normal, dry , combinations to mature skins. Finally Caudalie product is free of







Most importantly it is ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE!

( I am holding on to The Premier Cru Precious Oil )

During the class, all of us were introduced to the premier Cru ranges

-Premier Cru The Serum - $

-Premier Cru precious oil -$115

-Premier Cru Eye Cream -$175

-Premier Cru Cream-$103

(All the prices are in SGD and products can be found in Sephora singapore)

For the Premier Cru range consist of VINERGY ( Betaine plant Extract) which retains skin moisture + Resveratrol which has firming properties. So it main function is to restore the normal cell energetic metabolism which made this the number one anti-aging skin care in french pharmacies. All products can be used both in the day and night. It keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and Firmed. Complexion will be more even, looks younger and more Luminous.

When I apply the Serum and the oil, I love how fast absorbent the products are. ( Mainly my skin is dry so it absorbed really quickly) It is not tacky at all and it really smell fantastic. Definitely I would love to purchase this for better results as this is my first time trying this. I am sure it would be fair for me to used it couple of times like how I did with the vinosouce range, before my final thoughts. Even the moisture cream feels good on the skin. It is hard not to be tempted honestly if you ask me despite my age. But Hey, it is good to start young with it comes to anti-aging skin care, who doesn't want to look fabulous and young as they age. I do, for sure. I plan to age gracefully and still look young. That's my thoughts for the premier Cru range


-Fleur De Vigne Instant Foaming Cleanser - $33

-Gentle Buffing Cream -$36

-Grape Water 200 ML -$24

(All the prices are in SGD and products can be found in Sephora singapore)

I used the foaming cleanser , the buffing Cream and the grape water most. It is gentle for my skin and it doesn't irritate my skin as well. Suitable for all skin type since its really gentle. I wear makeup also everyday due to my job as a makeup artist. Using the Buffing cream it helps to exfoliate the dead cell and impurities but in a gentle way. Next using the foaming cleanser which it doesn't tighten my skin. It hydrates and soothes my skin. finally the Grape water is my life saver especially during the summer time ( alright Singapore is summer all the time but I do travels to experience different seasons) During summer, my eczema on my neck is so bad. And its itchy due to perspiration and humidity. with the air conditioner dries out my skin bad as well made my eczema became so itchy and forever dry. The grape water really help to cool it off and keep the skin hydrated.

-Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil - $65

-Vinosource SOS Thirst-quenching Serum 30ml -$59

-Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet 40ml -$48

(All the prices are in SGD and products can be found in Sephora singapore)

After my cleansing routine, the vinosource Range comes in. Using the Serum first (its always the first) then the overnight recovery oil during night time since I sleep in air condition and finally top it up with the moisturiser more hydration. This really works well for dry skin. It just helps with the hydration which I am thankful that I come across this brand Caudalie. I love love this brand and definitely will remain using this skincare. if you need more information do check out their website ( ) and Thank you for reading.

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