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Urban DecayXKristen leanne Collections


( with her Signature)

Honestly I am delighted to owe the whole Vault, beside the fact that its a collaborations with Urban decay. I have been a huge fan of Urban decay cosmetics even way before I became a Makeup artist officially. And I get to take picture with the gorgeous Kristen Leanne, who is the creator of Arctic Fox ( hair color dye ) herself. Personally I am a huge fan of Colors and dying my hair. so when both of favorite brand collaborated together, I am excited totally. I never met Kristen before and it was my first time, seeing her personally. She is so colorful and beautiful. Really huge fan!!

Urban decay has one of the strongest color pigments and vibrancy. Its superbly long lasting as well. Her vault consist two beautiful eyes shadow palette, a shimmering highlighter and three lipsticks.

||Eye shadows ||

1. kaleidoscope palette

2. Daydream Palette

|| Highlighter||

1. Beauty Beam


1. Bun Bun

2. Cloud 9

3. Spellbound

Personal favorite are kaleidoscope and cloud 9, I am always wearing those color on my face like a colorful person.

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