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Full face of Nars cosmetics

Hi everyone, Today I popped over to Shishedo headquarter (in Singapore ) for my Nars training as I will be helping them with their Launchpad over at sephora. Of course we are very familiar with Nars cosmetics, specially their Orgasm blusher, their radiant creamy concealer and their weightless foundation ( sheer glow). Currently I have full face of Nars Cosmetics on me except for the brows and eyeliners.

||Products used on my face||

.Sheer glow foundation (Barcelona) - $74 (SGD)

.Radiant creamy concealer ( Custard ) - $ 46 (SGD)

. Endless Orgasm Palette in cream formula - $75 (SGD)

.Orgasm liquid highlighter - $52 (SGD)

.Orgasm blush - $52 (SGD)

. Orgasm oil - infused lip tint - $45 (SGD)

As all of you could see, everything is related to the Orgasm series. Who doesn't love the colour Orgasm. Its Nars iconic colour/ product. when I heard Nars came out with The endless Orgasm palette in cream formula, Girl I am totally in for it since it will help me for my production or editorial works. It really creamy in texture and sheer so you could build the colour up in layers, depending on personal preference. And it is suitable for all skin tones. Here are the name of the shades

.Orgasm Ecstasy

.Double Orgasm

.Deep Orgasm

.Orgasm Fever

.Super Orgasm


My favourites are Orgasm Ecstasy, Deep Orgasm &Orgasm Fever. I do preferred a little bronzy since I am tan. Normally for the colour Orgasm it is a little peachy tone on my skin with the subtle gold shimmer. So with Deep Orgasm it is a little darker and the colour showed more on my skin and for Orgasm Fever, its like a golden bronze colour, like a goddess, seriously I am IN LOVE. Pretty package in pink as its limited edition together with the Jumbo Size orgasm Blusher retailing at $65. Finally their orgasm oil-infused lip tint, unlike other lip gloss, this baby girl is not tacky or greasy and you could use it as a blush or eyeshadow for a touch of colour. The coolest part is, the lip tint will blend with your lip colour, giving that full plump lip. its a little reddish on me as my lip colour is more to dark rose red. How awesome! Its actually pretty sheer. Something you could wear on a daily basis if you want a sheer look. Everything will While stock last people !!

Next we have the Multi- use Gloss. - $38 (SGD)

(Starting from the left side of the picture )



.First Time


.Working Girl

Sheer lip gloss that glides smoothly across those luscious lips.

again you could use this on the eyes, cheeks not only just for the lips to give that glossy Dimension. For this series, I love all the colours, I could see myself creating looks with this lip gloss. Really gorgeous sheer lip colours. Definitely I will incorporate this to some of my Editorial works.

Alright, thats all everyone, I hope you all enjoy reading this blog. It is such a fun and experimental journey for me.

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