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My Adventure in Paris (part 2)

Day 5 in Tours, France.

I will be real honest, my main purpose for this Paris trip was to visit one of my darling friend Alize . My train to Tours was at 8.35 am so I made my way slowly to the train station and manage to figure my way out. ( I am proud of myself ) . It was at least a 2hrs journey. After a few Donkey years, I met up with my darling girl Alizé 😍❤️😘 thank you for taking time to show me around Tours , France. ITS SO GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL. We were schoolmates and we became one hell of Friends. Always missed and loved your company. Be it just drinking tea or watching musicals. We maybe be FAR AWAY but we always have each other in our heart ❤️. We will meet soon! I promise

Day 6 in Paris

I went to Basilica Du sacre- coeur De Montmartre. Didn’t really walk much as the weather is so hot.

Day 7 in Paris

Graffiti Art every artist has their own style and creativities. All the Graffiti are scattered everywhere, you have to walk to find the hidden gem 😍❤️ again YOU HAVE TO WALK .

Day 8 in Paris

I saved the best for last. Palace of versailles is a MUST GO. Not only you get to enjoy the majestic palace, you will lose weight. For those who wanna lose weight. versailles is huge enough for a good work out. It’s a 5 hr walk ( with breaks once in a while ) for me, for the whole attractions. I am very sure I didn’t cover all the area because it’s too much walking for me. But really it’s a must go place. Take a whole day, you will be able to enjoy the whole attraction. No regrets

Its better if you guys book the skip the line pass, you have no idea how crowded the attraction place is. I was lucky that I managed to booked it so I don't have to wait in the line. Its about 30 Euro. I purchased my tickets from their website ( as its legit)

Overall i love my trip in Paris, I would return again but I would explore other parts of Frances. I came to realised I am not much of a city person. The crowd overwhelmed me a little, I was trying to avoid the crowd. Definitely Paris has been an awesome travel experience for me.

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